What do I bring?

1.)  Pictures of wedding gown inspiration. It’s the best way to succinctly sum up your wedding gown ideas. Show your consultant pictures from your Pinterest or Instagram. It’s the best way for her to understand your vision so she can then narrow down the salon’s selection for you. Be sure to keep an open mind and try on your consultant’s suggestions. Worst case scenario, you take it off and move on to the next dress. Best case scenario, you get surprised and find the gown of your dreams!

2.) Proper undergarments. Wedding gowns are expensive and sometimes very complex garments. Your consultant will assist you into them so you don’t get lost in all the layers of fabric and crinoline. The best thing to wear is nude boy shorts and a strapless bra or shape-wear like the one below. Many bridal dresses will have support built directly into the bust area, eliminating the need for a bra. You can also slip on a pair of leggings or tights .

3.) Your friends and family. Select a few nearest and dearest to assist you. Although we have a limit of six, two to three people—whose opinions you trust—will make the perfect sounding board. That way you can get some objective feedback, but you won’t be overwhelmed by too many opinions.

4.) A hair tie. Your consultant will clip the gowns to your dimensions so to make the process easier, put your hair up into a ponytail or loose bun. You can easily take it out if you want to see how you look with your hair down, but your locks will be out of the way as you transition from one gown to the next. Also, it will give you a clear view of how each gown’s neckline frames your neck and shoulders.

5.) Shoes. Consider bringing your own heels in the height you plan to wear on the wedding day. You’ll be able to see exactly how you will look in the gown and it will be easy to determine if you need extra length. In addition, you’ll be standing a lot, so it is best to have a pair that are already broken in and comfy. That way you won’t have to worry about sore toes—and you can focus on how beautiful you look!

Happy Shopping!